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1. Definition of Mind Mapping
Barbara Prashing argued Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan popularized in the 1970s, originally created by Gelb. Michael Gelb in Buzan (2007: 179-181): Mind Mapping can be interpreted revolutionary system in the planning and making of records that have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Making the Mind Mapping is based on the workings of the brain's natural and capable of powering percikanpercikan creativity in the brain as it involves the two hemispheres of our brain.

According to Porter & Hernacki (2008: 152-159): Mind Mappingjuga can be called with a map of thought. Mind Mapping is also a method overall record in one page. Mind Mapping using visual and sensory pengingatpengingat in a pattern of related ideas. Map of mind or Mind Mapping is basically using visual images and other graphics to form the infrastructure of an impression on the brain.

Mind Mapping method is a new method to record the operation adapted to the operation of the two sides of the brain (the left brain and the right brain). This method teaches to record not only use images or colors. Tony Buzan suggests "your brain is like a sleeping giant, it caused 99% of the greatness of the human brain is not used optimally."


Mind Mapping is a way of noting a creative, effective and literally will map the minds of Mind Mapping is also a route map that allows the memory and enables to arrange the facts and the mind, thus the natural workings of the brain involved from the beginning. This means considering the information will be easier and more reliable than using traditional techniques noted. Moreover Mind Mapping is a storage system, withdrawal data and exceptional access to a giant library in the human brain that menajubkan.

Mind Mapping aims to make the subject matter visually and graphically patterned which ultimately can help record, amplify, and recall information that has been learned. Mind Mapping is a technique noted that developing visual learning style.

Mind Mapping integrate and develop the potential of the brain contained within seseorang.Dengan the involvement of both hemispheres of the brain then it will be easier for someone to manage and remember all forms of information, both written and verbal. The combination of colors, symbols, shapes and so on
easier for the brain to absorb information received.

Mind Mapping created by students can vary on each material. This is because different emotions and feelings contained in students setiapsaat. The atmosphere is pleasant obtained when the students are in the classroom during the learning process will affect the creation of mind maps. Thus, teachers are expected to create an atmosphere that can support students' learning conditions, especially in the process of Mind Mapping. The learning process experienced by a person is very dependent on the environment in which to learn. If the learning environment can provide positive suggestions, it would be good for the prosesdan learning outcomes, otherwise if that environment gave negative suggestion it will be a bad impact on the process and learning outcomes.

2. Uses Mind Mapping
According to Michael Michalko in Buzan (2009: 6), Mind Mapping method can be used or useful for a wide range of fields, including education. The usefulness of the method Mind Mapping in the field of education, especially at the Junior High School eighth grade, among others:
a. Gives a holistic view of the subject matter.
b. Allows us to plan a route or framework of a bouquet.
c. Collect large amounts of data in one place.
d. Encourages creative problem solving.
Also according to Buzan (2009: 54-130) Mind Mapping method can be useful for:
1) Stimulate the workings of the brain in terms of left right synergistically.
2) Free yourself from all bondage rules when starting to learn.
3) Helping someone siphon off without a hitch.
4) Make a plan or a story.
5) Develop an idea.
6) Make a plan personal goals.
7) Starting a new venture.
8) Summarizing the contents of a book.
9) Flexible.
10) Can be zeroed.
11) Increase understanding.
12) Fun and easy to remember.
3. How to Create a Mind Mapping
Buzan (2009: 14), facilities and infrastructure to create Mind Mapping is:
a. Unlined blank paper.
b. Pens and colored pencils.
c. Brain.
d. Imagination
Buzan (2009: 15-16), making Mind Mappingmembutuhkan
imagination or thought, as for the way of making Mappingadalah Mind:
1) Start from the middle of blank paper.
2) Use of images (symbols) to the main idea.
3) Use a variety of colors.
4) Relationships main branches to the central image.
5) Draw a line connecting curve.
6) Use a keyword for each line.
7) Use the image.

In making Mind Mapping also takes courage and creativity. Variations in capital letters, color, underline or symbols that illustrate points or main ideas. Turning on Mind Mapping has been made to be more impressive. Creating Mind Mapping contained in (
students-through-learning-based-map-mind-mind-mapping /) Tony Buzan has compiled a number of rules that must be followed in order to Mind Mapping created to provide optimal benefits. Here is a summary of the Law of MM:
a) Paper: plain with a minimum size of A4 and A3 size is best with horizontal orientation (landscape). Central Topic built at the center of paper and as far as possible in the form of image with at least 3 colors.
b) Outline: thicker for Bois and then further away from the center line will be even thinner. The line should (should not be a straight line) with the same length as the length of the word or imageyang above it. The entire line must be connected to the center.
c) The word: use key words and only one word to a line. Should always use printed letters in order to more clearly with large letters that has narrowed to branches further away from the center.
d) Image: use as many images, codes, symbols, graphs, tables and rhythm as more attractive and easier to remember and understand. If possible, use the 3-D image to make it more interesting.
e) Color: use a minimum of three colors and better 5-6 colors. Different colors for each color Bois and Bois color branch must follow.
f) Structure: use radians structure with a central topic
located in the middle of the paper and then cabangcabangnya spread in all directions. Bois generally consisted of 2-7 pieces are prepared in accordance with the clockwise starting at 1 o'clock.


Applications Mappingdalam Mind Learning In the application stage, there are four steps that must be done based learning Mind Mapping process, namely:
a) Overview: Comprehensive overview of a topic during the learning process started. It aims to give students a general overview of the topics to be studied. Especially for the first meeting at the beginning of each semester, Overview can be filled with activities to keep the Master Mind Map® is a summary of all the topics that will be taught selamasatu semester usually already present in the syllabus. Thus, since the beginning of the students already know what topics will be studied so that opportunities for active students to learn in advance at home or in the library.
b) Preview: Preliminary Overview Overview thus a continuation of the general description given more detailed level than Overviewdan can be a further elaboration of the syllabus. Thus, students are expected to have sufficient prior knowledge of the sub-topic of the material before more detailed discussion begins. Especially for very simple materials, step Previewdapat bypassed so go directly to step Inview.
c) Inview: Overview depth which is the core of a learning process, in which a topic will be discussed in detail, detail and depth. During Inviewini, students are expected to record the information, concepts or important formulas along with charts, lists or diagrams to help students understand and master the material being taught.
d) Review: Revisited done before the end of school hours and in the form of a summary of the material that has been taught and emphasized in information, concepts or important formula to remember or controlled by the student. This will help students to focus on re-learn all the materials taught in school at the time at home. Review can also be done when the lesson will begin at the next meeting to help students recall the material taught in the previous meeting.

4. Indicators Mind Mapping
According to Tony Buzan (2009: 6), indicator of Mind Mapping as follows:
a. planning,
b. communicate,
c. become more creative,
d. solve the problem,
e. focus,
f. arrange and explain the thoughts,
g. remember better
h. learn more quickly and efficiently, and
i. train the "whole picture"

5. Strengths and Weaknesses

a. Mind Mapping in excess method ( as follows:
1) It can express their opinions freely.
2) Can work with other friends
3) Note denser and clear
4) It is easier to search for records if needed.
5) Notes is more focused on the core material
6) Easy to see the whole picture
7) Helps Brain to: organize, remember, compare and make connections
8) Facilitate the addition of new information
9) A review could be faster
10) Each map is unique

b. Weakness learning Mind mapping methods:
1) Only students who are actively involved.
2) Not entirely student learning
3) Mind map varies so that students will be overwhelmed teachers check students' mind map.

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